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Omega PT is a premier rehabilitation clinic in Michigan with 5 offices: Rochester Hills, Dearborn, Oak Park, Hazel Park and Roseville.

Michigan Physical Therapy Centers

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Physical Therapy

The most important key difference is: Every single patient under our care is given ONE-on-ONE personalized care; starting with a thorough evaluation to an attentive follow-up treatment that is based solely on Patient’ Needs & Goals.

Our Physical Therapists

Omega Rehabilitation Service is a TEAM of therapists who provides an advanced form of SKILLED THERAPY services that focus on treating the cause of pain while alleviating the symptoms. Omega Rehab achieves faster & more thorough RESULTS than traditional therapy services.

Patient Care

We would like for our Patients to rest assured that their care will be provided and completed by the same therapist throughout their whole treatment time at our facilities. We are committed to provide the Highest Level of Care that will help you to live, play & work pain free.

Expert Therapy

How to Overcome Fear of Driving After Car Accident?

How to Overcome Fear of Driving After Car Accident?

                   “I was in a severe car accident years ago. I thankfully was able to recover from my injuries, but I do remember my hesitation with entering my parents’ car after leaving the hospital. For one brief moment, I was afraid to ride in a car again. I still had glass in my face that had not healed and seeing the car windshield made me panic. Then I envisioned a life having to walk everywhere. I saw myself living a lonely life. I could not visit my friends, or travel, and was confined to only having a job within walking distance. At that point, I opened the car door and got in. Fortunately, a life of confinement scared me more than the prospect of getting into another car accident. I had conquered my fear. Unfortunately, not everyone is as capable of doing this as me.” A patient said to me once at my clinic

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H.C. from Sterling Heights, MI: I want to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful service and care that I have received. When I first arrived, I really did not have much confidence that anything would help me. I had been through several different physical therapy offices, throughout the chiropractor, massage and pain injections. None of the treatments gave any relief as you guys did, as you know, I am still not functioning at 100% but I am far better than I ever thought I could be. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who may benefit. Again, thank you.
H.C. from Sterling Heights, MI
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Rochester Hills:

130 Hampton Circle, Suite150
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307
Phone: 248-289-1127
Fax: 248-289-1196

Hazel Park:

23411 John Rd
Hazel Park, MI. 48030
Phone: 248-397-8582
Fax: 248-289-1196


25509 Kelly Road, Suite B
Roseville, Michigan 48006
Phone: 586-200-3834
Fax: 248-289-1196

Oak Park:

15400 Lincoln Street
Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone: 248-726-9001
Fax: 248-289-1196


Prime Rehabilitation
4953 Schaefer Rd
Dearborn, Michigan 48006
Phone: 313-436-4760
Fax: 248-289-1196