Pelvic Floor Restoration Program in Michigan.

Many individuals are likely to experience an episode of Urinary Incontinence (involuntary loss of urine) at some point in their lives.

According to the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research; there are 13 million American are incontinent, where 85 % of those are Women, One in four women ages 30-59 years have experienced at least one episodes of urinary incontinence. 80 % of those cases can be Improved and/or Cured.

The Urinary Incontinence can be caused by Pregnancy, Stress, Medication, or various medical conditions. The incontinence is typically an indication of an underlying condition; it is NOT a disease.

The function of the bladder is to store and empty urine. Signals to be sent to the brain when the bladder becomes full, altering us to empty our bladder. The pelvic floor muscles control this process, and just like any other muscle; they may become weak resulting in Urinary Incontinence.

Omega Premier Team has developed the Pelvic Floor Restoration Program for individuals who have a medical diagnosis of medical Urinary Incontinence. This Program Is designed to restore the strength of Pelvic Floor Muscles, re-educate the Muscles and regain self-confidence through an In-depth Physical Therapy Program.


5 Physical Therapy & Rehab Clinics in Michigan:

  • Rochester Hills: 130 Hampton Circle, Suite 150, Rochester Hills MI. 48307
  • Roseville: 25509 Kelly Rd, Suite B, Roseville MI. 48066
  • Hazel Park: 23411 John Rd, Hazel Park MI. 48030
  • Dearborn: Prime Rehabilitation – 4953 Schafer Rd, Dearborn MI. 48126
  • Oak Park: 15400 Lincoln Street, Oak Park, MI. 48237
  • Serving all of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties.

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