PT Centers in Rochester, Hazel Park, Sterling Heights, Dearborn & Roseville MI.

We Understand

We understand that not everyone has the same criteria when it comes to choosing a Therapy Provider for themselves or their loved ones, thus we highly recommend that you look at the company background and the staff that administer the services being offered.

Our Measures of Excellence in our services:

  • We pride ourselves on providing personalized, one-on-one care with professionalism and compassion.
  • We maintain the highest standards in the delivery of Therapy by the continuing education to our staff and integrating the latest technology in patient care.
  • Our licensed health care professionals ensure proper, individualized care to each patient.
  • We perform a thorough background check on all of our employees prior to hiring.
  • We check your insurance coverage before your first visit, and inform you about number of visit allowed and your co-pay before you step into our facilities.
  • We do not bill you or ask for you to pay any co-payment until we bill your insurance first and receive your EOB (Explanation of benefit).
  • You construct your own payment plan for your co-payment.
  • We accept all kinds of payment for your co-pay (checks, cash & all credit cards).
  • Financial hardship assistance is available upon you request.
  • The advanced and continuous training allows our Therapists to specifically and effectively evaluate and treat all physical problems that you or your loved one is suffering from.
  • There is no waiting list to start your Rehabilitation program, call us today and you be scheduled for an initial evaluation.
  • We use the top of the line technology and advanced techniques for therapy provided and documentation.

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  • We won’t charge you or your insurance if you got an emergency and did not show up at your appointment.
  • We carry state-of-the-art equipment, which is available to you for use even after discharge from our care.
  • Early morning, late evening & weekend appointments are available.
  • We offer a 30 % discount for private-pay visits.
  • We offer medical massage by a licensed massage therapist and personal fitness training programs.
  • Your satisfaction is why we are in business.
  • Medical transportation is available for you or your loved one, if you needed to attend your therapy.
  • We won’t charge you when you need our help you with ordering your rehab equipment/tool when you are ready to be discharged.
  • We won’t sell you any service or equipment you won’t need.
  • We offer you the opportunity to continue coming to our facilities after we discharge you for a small fee.
  • We offer all kinds of services (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Speech Therapy) under one roof, so you do not have to juggle between different facilities for different services.
  • We won’t share your info with any third party without your permission for the purposes of your care.
  • Finally you or your loved one is the center of our care.

Quality Care With Trusted Results:

We are Compassionate:
We understand that there is an emotional, physical and financial stress and needs that are usually associated with using any health care services. Our professionally trained Therapist, billing department, and administrative staff are fully aware/trained that all your needs are fulfilled and questions are answered so you can get back on track to your normal life style. They also know it’s greatly important to do so in a manner that makes you and your loved ones comfortable.

We Understand Your Pain.
We understand that you and your loved ones live in the real tough world, dealing with all of life’s ups and downs. We understand that having pain that makes your body scream at you is not a joke, we understand that you do not want to keep taking medication to mask that pain is not good for your body, we understand that you need some rest at night but your pain is keeping you tossing and turning in bed without any sleep. No matter your situation, we understand how to control your pain and provide you with successful measures and education to take control of that pain do not delay, pick up the phone today.

We Have the Medical Expertise
Providing you or your loved one with the highest and professional quality of Therapy is not ONLY about having a thoughtful, friendly and caring Therapist and Staff. Our trained professional TEAM of Therapists is highly trained medical experts with years of experience in dealing with your own specific problem, just pick up the phone now and try. We know how to provide the medical care you need at the time you need it, we put YOU at the center of our care because we have the Medical Expertise.

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* We Respect Culture Differences.
We know providing Therapy Services in the Metro-Detroit area is a challenge for some providers due to the big diversity in Culture. Our TEAM members do not only speaks English, Arabic, Chaldean, French and polish, but also respect the culture and religious difference. OMEGA PREMIER TEAM does their best to provide a team member who speaks your preferred language and respect your religious and cultural differences. Our ability to communicate with our patients, their doctors and family members helps the patient to be an active member in the treatment plan so we can achieve results faster. We do not only understand your culture, but we also respect it.

* All Services under one Roof.
Too often, Therapy is misunderstood as being just Physical Therapy. We do offer more than just Physical Therapy services. We provide Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Medical Massage Therapy. All these services are provided under only one roof so you do not have to look for different locations for multiple services. For more information on our many services, call us today.

* We Guaranty Our Patient Satisfaction
A 100 % of the patients who were under our care said they would recommend us to their family and friends. They have mentioned that to their doctors at their follow-up visits. We are committed to patient satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to accommodate you and your love one’s specific needs, and help you to gain control of your life and solve your problems. Our compliance officer is always ready to hear you with any improvement and suggestion you might have when you are at any of our facilities. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you are under our care.