Rochester MI PT Clinis 48306

Pre & Post-surgical Therapy & Rehabilitation Program in Michigan.

Our Team has created a customized treatment plans for patient who will be undergoing different orthopedic surgeries such as Joints Replacements (Total Shoulder, Total Knee, Total Hip, Total ankle, etc.), Ligament/Tendon Repair (ACL, RCT, Quadriceps Tendon, etc.), those treatment plans will prepare you for the scheduled surgery through strengthening different group of muscles and improving the ROM of the joints that surrounding the area where the surgery would take place, without aggravating your painful condition.

5 Physical Therapy & Rehab Clinics in Michigan:

  • Rochester Hills: 130 Hampton Circle, Suite 150, Rochester Hills MI. 48307
  • Roseville: 25509 Kelly Rd, Suite B, Roseville MI. 48066
  • Hazel Park: 23411 John Rd, Hazel Park MI. 48030
  • Dearborn: Prime Rehabilitation – 4953 Schafer Rd, Dearborn MI. 48126
  • Oak Park: 15400 Lincoln Street, Oak Park, MI. 48237
  • Serving all of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties.

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